What We Do

It’s important to understand what our clients are looking for, and in doing so we believe in being involved in the whole build process as early as possible. We can offer design solutions and perhaps alterations to the original scope. Offering advice on the build ability and specialist contractors.
As such we offer value engineering, in a systematic and planned approach to provide the project at the lowest cost, without impacting the functionality.
In order to maintain and further improve our service, we have a loyal, highly skilled and committed team of employees, who work in an environment where continuing professional development is encouraged and supports our company’s further growth and expansion.

In addition to this we have a dedicated and skilled team of sub contractors who have completed thorough Pre Qualification assessments before being accepted onto our supply chain. Post project reviews are also carried out to ensure on going suitability and commitment from them.
We firmly believe that by investing the time and resource in our dealings with our clients, all stakeholders can work together and develop long standing relationships, repeat business, excellent standards and great value.


Every successful project begins with a successful plan. NK Design helps in providing planning services for diverse projects in a broad range of market.

Design & Build

NK Design offers comprehensive design and build solutions. Our designers and engineers use effective solutions to create final construction process which prevents costly problems from arising during construction, enable operations to run smoothly, meet regulations, oversee budgets, monitor schedules, and deliver high-quality projects to our customers in the private and public sectors.

Construction Administration & Project Management

As your Construction Administrator, we serve as the liaison between you, the subcontractors and other project partners. We will work with you from the first day of your project – planning, designing and constructing a high-quality, functional project that delivers the best value for every rupee committed to your project.